Many areas to investigate

Every customer is, of course, unique and has specific requirements which we make sure to meet. Among other things, we help our customers to conduct surveys in the following areas:


Working environment, leadership, internal communication, job satisfaction.

Members and customers

Satisfaction, attitude and brand surveys, panels, surveys for PR purposes, data acquisition, customer and member communication.

Statistical surveys

“What the general public thinks”.

Web competitions

Links leading to banners or competitions on the company’s own website.

Other applications

Pilot and post-implementation surveys in connection with changes, course and project evaluations, applications and invitations, news shots, readership surveys. To mention just a few.

People who ask questions and look for answers

Our best ambassadors are, of course, our customers. A selection of the companies we have helped and collaborated with are shown below.

  • Assa Abloy
  • Axánd Konsult
  • Concilia Information
  • Demoskop
  • Ekonomistyrningsverket
  • Fastighetsägarna Sverige
  • Lantmäteriet
  • LensLogistics
  • Lärarförbundet
  • Majblommans Riksförbund
  • MarketDirection Sweden
  • MMS
  • MSD
  • Myndigheten för delaktighet
  • Naturvårdsverket
  • Opticom
  • Partsrådet
  • Praktikertjänst
  • Saco, with all connected unions
  • Securitas
  • SKF Sverige
  • SKL, Sveriges Kommuner och Landsting
  • Stockholms Universitet
  • Sweco Eurofutures
  • Swedish Match North Europe
  • Unionen
  • WSP Sverige

Questions which have found answers

Please read about various forms of collaboration.

ARS Research is a market research company which provides tailor-made survey packages for their customers. ARS designs and carries out assignments on the basis of the customers’ needs for information and other background for the assignment.

“I think that Alstra understands my needs and the background to the assignment. Alstra have managed to produce all the solutions my customers and I have wanted to do.”
Michael Söderström, ARS Research

The challenge
ARS customers have very varying requirements. Sometimes it is a survey aimed at 30 people, sometimes at several thousand. In other cases, security and confidentiality or specific design of the survey, based on respondents circumstances, can be very important. For this reason, ARS needs a flexible collaboration partner, who can meet the requirements of ARS’ customers.

The solution
ARS advises its customers about the type of survey they need to do and how the survey should be designed. Alstra is then the collaboration partner for doing surveys on the web. Alstra creates the surveys in Survey Generator and does all the field work, by distributing the surveys, including sending reminders and summarising the data which comes in. Alstra delivers the data to ARS for analysis and presentation.

Collaboration between ARS and Alstra has been found to be successful. In general, all the assignments that ARS receives are complex in some way, or entail some form of special solution. Alstra has solved all the challenges so far, irrespective of how complicated they looked from the beginning.

Erika Insurance är ett försäkringsbolag som specialiserat sig på reseförsäkringar. Idag försäkrar de människor från över fyrtio olika länder.

“Alstra’s personnel are always friendly and helpful. When we make an enquiry, it is always received and handled in a good, constructive manner, even if we have a tight schedule at times.”
Mårten Brandt, Erika Insurance

The challenge
Erika Insurance wanted to increase their profitability by getting better control and follow-up of insurance claims. The challenge was mainly that their customers are spread all across the world, and information about the insurance policies was reported by different systems. In addition, there were strict requirements for security and protection of personal information.

The solution
Alstra constructed a simple, transparent system which is open to future adjustments and further development. In addition, the package could easily be integrated with all existing systems. All data acquisition and all systems were harmonised. Erika’s claims managers were then quickly able to see if the claimant was entitled to compensation, irrespective of where he or she was located in the world. Alstra eventually handed over operation of the system to Erika’s IT department in a very smooth manner.

The result
Erika Insurance has much better control, using the new system, and in many cases they have found non-conformance which resulted in concrete cost savings. But above all, they have gained a deeper understanding of their business, thanks to the improved facilities for analysing costs and all the incoming and outgoing data. They can act faster, to develop the company.

Hero Kommunikation is a PR and communication agency, with long experience of both advising and concrete implementation of internal and external communication. Basically, they have to maintain important relationships, and clarify and package messages to the right target group.

“We are always finding new uses for Survey Generator, and we appreciate its simplicity above everything else.”
Ylva Tegnér, Hero Kommunikation

The challenge
As a communications agency Hero Kommunikation helps many of its clients to attract attention and drive public opinion. It is often essential to be able to act with lightning speed to “hard facts” on current events, so as to highlight various issues.

The solution
For one client Hero Kommunikation created a panel with about 10 000 members. With Survey Generator they created a special format for ongoing rapid mini-surveys. The choice of Survey Generator was mainly due to their friendly and professional staff, and the intuitive survey tool with a great choice of functions.

From start to finish the survey is now taking about one week. This includes creating the questions, programming the survey, distribution and also the result of the analysis and press materials. The credibility of the entire arrangement is great, and for example Dagens Industri and Dagens Nyheter has drawn attention to the results.

SACO – The Swedish Confederation of Professional Associations, is the unifying organization for unionized academics. Saco today consists of 23 independent unions and professional associations and a total of more than 600 000 members.

“With Survey Generator, we can quickly get answers on our members’ views on various current issues. Members actually contact us and are both impressed and pleased with our survey work.”
Evy Berglund, Saco

The challenge
Saco affiliates implement regularly internal surveys in areas such as salaries, evaluations of courses and contract negotiations and what the members think about current issues. The work with postal surveys demanded a lot of manual work and Saco decided to introduce more modern methods in the survey process.

The solution
Saco compared nearly thirty different survey tools before it became clear that Survey Generator corresponded best to their requirements. Survey Generator was seen as user-friendly and simple, the possibilities for development were numerous and that it enables large email distributions. Saco chose to use the Survey Generator Large along with extra administrators as an option.

With Alstra and Survey Generator Saco has been able to save both time and money. They do not have the manual handling, and reporting has also become much smoother. Other positive effects of using the Survey Generator is that the Saco-unions can use the results of the surveys to be reflected in media, and that they created a closer dialogue with their members.

Stockholm County Council’s main role is to ensure that everyone living in Stockholm County have access to a good and efficient health care.

“A prerequisite for the successful outcome has been the close contact with the consultants at Alstra during the development work. The solutions tha Alstra have helped us with is tailored to our needs.”
Torgny Nilsson, Medical Knowledge Centre, Stockholm County Council

The challenge
In late 2009, Stockholm County Council launched its ‘TUFF’ project to inspire the staff to increase the focus on preventing bedsores, malnutrition and fall cases. In order to inform and educate employees in the county council a website was launched providing web-based training, knowledge test, the ability to order materials and care programs, and more. They also needed several follow-up systems to monitor the investment of the project.

The solution
In close cooperation with the Stockholm County Council Alstra developed monitoring systems to TUFF-training. One of these systems allows the project management to track those who have made the knowledge test that is connected to the courses, and where they are active in health care. The basis of the systems has always been Survey Generator Large, but tailor-made special solutions have been developed to meet the exact needs of Stockholm County Council.

The ‘TUFF’ project is now spreading to more and more aspects of health care in the Stockholm County Council. In addition to involving employees of the County Council in the prevention of pressure sores, malnutrition and fall cases, the project has also given attention within the municipal health services and in other parts of Sweden. Project management can follow the daily progress of various activities on care within the project. In this way, they can also manage their information efforts to get all the units to be part of the project.