About Alstra

Alstra’s story started in March 2000 when the company was founded, under the name of Survey Generator.

It was successful right on the start, and the company grew rapidly. It developed from just developing survey tools and services to becoming a supplier of integrated solutions, with consultancy services related to project management and advice.

We changed the company’s name into to Alstra in 2002, but Survey Generator lives on as the brand name of the survey tool.

These days, Alstra consists of ten highly motivated employees, who are all strongly interested in helping everybody from corporations like Demoskop, SKF, Saco and The Swedish National Financial Management Authority to smaller actors such as Axánd Konsult and Concilia Information.

Vi är ett kreditvärdigt företag enligt Soliditets värderingssystem som baserar sig på en mängd olika beslutsregler. Denna uppgift är alltid aktuell, informationen uppdateras dagligen via Soliditets databas.UC Sigill

Our Partners

Microsoft – software
Alstra is a Microsoft Certified Partner, which means that we have been certified to develop software in the Microsoft environment. We know the technology and we have the competence to develop tailor-made solutions, both for Survey Generator, but also for unique software.

CINT – panels
Alstra collaborates with CINT, a panel company. If you don’t have a specific target group, you can reach a representative selection of the general public, with the help of CINT’S panels. This is useful if you want to find out what the “general public” thinks about various matters, but also when you want access to respondents in other countries.

Readspeaker – speech enabled surveys
Readspeaker collaborates with the ReadSpeaker company, which has developed the ReadSpeakerEnterprise service. Survey Generator is available with this option, so that all questions and answers alternatives are read to the respondent. Alstra is working with several investigators, to develop ReadSpeakerEnterprise in Survey Generator.

Streaming companies – video in the survey
Alstra collaborates with a number of streaming companies, to present streamed films in Survey Generator. This can be a complement to displaying images in the questionnaire.

Market research – extra support
Alstra collaborates with a number of professional market researchers. They can help you when you need extra support for matters including strategies, question formulation and specific or more advanced analyses of your surveys.

Contact us!

Do you want to know more about our products and services? Would you like to have a test account or a demonstration? Or are you a customer who needs help? Either way, you are welcome to contact us.

Alstra AB

Norra Dryckesgränd 3

111 30 Stockholm

Email: info@alstra.se

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Alstra’s office is strategically located in the Old Town area of Stockholm and is easy to reach on foot, by bicycle, public transport or if you take the car.

If you come from central Stockholm, we can recommend that you walk along Drottninggatan, Västerlånggatan until you reach Järntorget. Then it is just 50 m to Norra Dryckesgränd. It takes 15 minutes to walk from the Central Station, depending on how fast you walk.

If you come from North, there are cycle tracks along both the west and east sides of the Old Town (Skeppsbron and Munkbron). You can park your bicycle alongside the wall in the lane, and it is easy to lock it to the iron grating.

Stockholm public transport (SL)
If you travel by subway, you can choose to travel to Slussen or Gamla Stan subway stations. It then takes five minutes to walk to Alstra’s office from either station. If you travel by bus, routes 2, 55, 57, 76 stop right outside, at Räntmästartrappan.

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If you take the car to visit us, it is easiest to park on Skeppsbrokajen, down beside the water.

Our employees

<strong>Hans Fohlin</strong><br />CEO
Hans Fohlin
+46 (0)70-261 22 61

About Hans

What is your background/education?

University trained engineer specialising in system technology. Was also a commissioned officer at the A4 Regiment in Östersund, CIO at Rikta Kommunikation and IT consultant at Acando.

What are your tasks at Alstra?

Joint founder and managing director of Alstra, general management and personnel responsibility. Alstra’s database specialist, and manager of Alstra’s development projects when unique software is developed. Also do external assignments, focusing on large-scale change projects in IT and technology.

What is your favourite question?

Why not? (When somebody makes a different/crazy/amusing suggestion).

<strong>Emil Ruder</strong><br />Marketing and Sales
Emil Ruder
Marketing and Sales
+46 (0)73-981 66 83

About Emil

What is your background/education?
I have worked with sales for 10 years, mostly with services to companies, but also to consumers. Previous strong involvement in the wellness industry.

What are your tasks at Alstra?
Sales, mostly to new business.

What is your favourite question?
When can we start to use Survey Generator? or, Shall we have a cup of coffee on the stairs in the sun?

<strong>Monica Wilk</strong><br />Marketing and Sales
Monica Wilk
Marketing and Sales
+46 (0)70-261 66 99

About Monica

What is your background/education?
Has a Bachelor of Business Administration, focusing on marketing. Previously worked as project manager at a survey company, with responsibility for web surveys etc.

What are your tasks at Alstra?
Project manager, sales and marketing. Help customers to start using the tool, but also run entire projects when the customer does not have the time or knowledge.

What is your favourite question?
Why? (A question I often get from my sons at home.)

<strong>Jessica Sötterman</strong><br />Marketing and Sales
Jessica Sötterman
Marketing and Sales
+46 (0)70-696 92 32

About Jessica

What is your background/education?

Studied marketing at Stockholm University, work experience as administrator. Have an athletic background.

What are your tasks at Alstra?

Project leader assistant, help and support for customers together with responsibility for purchases.

What is your favourite question?

Shall we dance?

<strong>Anders Janryd</strong><br />Technology
Anders Janryd
+46 (0)70-261 22 60

About Anders

What is your background/education?

Specialist, with 20 years experience of database and Internet programming. Also studied optimisation and systems theory at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm.

What are your tasks at Alstra?

Joint founder of Alstra. Work with programming and project management.

What is your favourite question?

Can we automate this?

<strong>Bengt-Åke Larsson</strong><br />Technology
Bengt-Åke Larsson
+46 (0)70-952 85 06

About Bengt-Åke

What is your background/education?

Thorough knowledge in programming and technical problem solving. Have been working as project leader and developer for companies in the telecom industry. Focus have been design and development of web clients for different server platforms and databases. Experience of different programming languages, technical environments and platforms. Currently works as a freelance consultant in my own firm.

What are your tasks at Alstra?

System developer and programmer. Working on improving and streamlining routines and quality in the development process.

What is your favourite question?

Are we there yet?

<strong>Andreas Mikaelsson</strong><br />Technology
Andreas Mikaelsson
+46 (0)73-565 32 96

About Andreas

What is your background/education?

Master of Engineering at the Royal Institute of Technology, Android app-maker and IT consultant. Previously worked as an IT consultant at Capgemini with project management and IT infrastructure.

What are your tasks at Alstra?

Developer, front-ender and general man of ideas.

What is your favourite question?

Shall we get started?

<strong>Klas Tärnström</strong><br />Technology
Klas Tärnström
+46 (0)73-545 87 81

About Klas

What is your background/education?
I have a degree in systems science from Örebro University. Have previously worked in everything from a sushi restaurant to an emergency service centre.

What are your tasks at Alstra?
Systems developer focusing on developing new solutions.

What is your favourite question?
Can you solve this?