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No matter whether you want to ask what the entire population thinks, do a market survey or a smaller customer or personnel survey, the people at Alstra can help you.

Survey Generator™ is Alstra’s custom built survey tool.

Our tool is recognised as being easy and effective to work with. It is web based and helps you to quickly carry out various forms of cost-effective surveys among colleagues, panels, customers or “the general public”.

You can easily administer your survey from start to end, and choose the level of complexity in the reports you generate. We provide three models of the tool, and if they do not suit your needs we can tailor questionnaires, software and services.

  • Survey Generator Small For quick and simple surveys
  • Survey Generator Medium For somewhat more complex surveys and reports
  • Survey Generator Large For comprehensive and advanced surveys, with access to all functions in the tool

We provide advice – from start to finish

We are web survey experts, and are happy to share our knowledge. Our Survey Generator tool is well known for being user-friendly. But if you don’t have time or have specific requirements, we can give you all the support you need for both technology and competence.

Deepen your knowledge about web surveys with our training courses. Do you need a thorough review, so you can use it in the absolutely best manner? If you need extra help with the actual execution of a survey we can do all parts of the work, and if you have individual requirements that demand individual solutions we can also provide that.

Please challenge us by demanding special features from a survey tool, or a new type of software that you need.

Do you think that the ordinary versions have almost everything – but are still not quite all there? Then we can tailor the tool to suit you and your requirements exactly. Quite simply, we can design your surveys so that they look and function just the way you want them.
If you don’t have the time or opportunity to carry out all or part of your survey yourself, we can help you. We can also give you advice about different ways to use the survey tool, to gain maximum benefit from it.
Sometimes, you need a bit more. You might need a unique solution for your particular activity, which is just not available at present. This is when we can help you by developing completely new software for your particular requirements. We mostly work in the Microsoft environment.


”I think that Alstra understands my needs and the background to the assignment. Alstra have managed to produce all the solutions my customers and I have needed.”

Michael Söderström, ARS Research



”Alstra is always friendly and helpful. When we make a request, it is always received and handled in a good, constructive manner, even if we have a tight schedule at times.”

Mårten Brandt, Erika Insurance



”Using Survey Generator, we can quickly get answers about our members views on various matters. Members actually contact us and they are both impressed and pleased with our survey work.”

Evy Berglund, Saco



”Working with Alstra is really simple and uncomplicated. I have never worked with a company that is so highly service-minded. There does not seem to be any problem they can not solve, and they also do it at once.”

Jessica Karlsson, Hjälpmedelsinstitutet



809, 2017

Alstra is expanding!

We welcome our new colleague Klas to us at Alstra. He will work at the technology department with focus on new development.
Read more about Klas here.

3006, 2017

Closed during summer

The office is closed during week 30-31 (24th of July to 4th of August). In case of disruptions on Survey Generator, you can reach us on our emergency number +46 (0)735 – 02 12 68. […]


A selection of our customers

Our best ambassadors are, of course, our customers. A selection of the companies we have helped and collaborated with are shown below. Under the Cases heading, there are examples of how we have collaborated with companies and organisations, and the specific choices they have made from our tools and services.